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Itinerary & Expenses for Trip to Camiguin-Cagayan de Oro-Bukidnon-Marawi-Iligan-Surigao del Sur

I carefully planned my trip to Mindanao a few months before my actual trip. Planning ahead helped me save more money and not waste time lingering in one place. Due to Air Asia's flight cancellation of its CDO-Manila route, those plans quickly changed. I ended up staying in Northern Mindanao longer than I wanted to but I did not regret it. There are so many things to see in Mindanao that have yet to be discovered or fully explored. I only managed to scratch the surface of the things to see and do in this region.


I traveled to multiple provinces during my ten day trip to Northern Mindanao. I used Cagayan de Oro as my base to get to these provinces, since CDO is right in the middle of most of them aside from Surigao del Sur. I landed in CDO then departed back to Manila via Davao City since it's closer to Surigao del Sur. Here is the breakdown of the expenses per province.


P108 - Transportation
P148 - Bus to Balingoan Terminal
P174.25 - Ferry to Camiguin
P2,180 - Accommodations in Rich Manor in CDO (P545 per night for single A/C room)
P350 - Shuttle to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon
P500 - Dahilayan Drop Zone
P1,114 - Food & Water
P287 - Medicines & Miscellaneous Expenses                                                                         
Total: P4,861

Iligan (Lanao del Norte)-Marawi City (Lanao del Sur)

P600 - Overnight in Jasmine Pension House
P582 - Food & Water
P135 - Bus from CDO Airport to Iligan
P170 -Tinago Falls Tips & Fees
P150 - Habal-Habal to Tinago Falls and Back
P50 - Shuttle to Maria Cristina Falls (It's only P10 per person I had to pay for the whole thing since I was solo)
P35 - Entrance Fee to Maria Cristina Falls
P60 - Van to Marawi
P50 - Jeep to Iligan from Marawi
P85 - Bus to CDO from Iligan                                              
Total: P1,872


P850 - Camiguin Tour (Katibawasan Falls, Ardent Hot Springs, Sto. Nino Cold Spring, Old Church Ruins, Walkway, Sunken Cemetery, Soda Water Pool)
P500 - J&A Fish Pen Lagoon Resort Overnight
P275 - Food & Water
P20 - Fee for Katibawasan Falls
P30 - Fee for Ardent Hot Springs
P20 - Fee for Sto. Nino Cold Spring
P20 - Fee for Soda Water Pool
P170 - Boat to White Island (It costs P420 but I shared it with 2 other people)
P170 - Ferry to Balingoan                                                                                     
Total: P2,055

Updated post: budget and itinerary for Camiguin

Surigao del Sur

P650 - Overnight at One Eleven Travelodge (Double A/C Room)
P245 - Overnight at Sheila's Pension House (Double Fan Room w/ Shared Bathroom)
P571 - Food & Water
P202 - A/C Bus to Butuan
P100 - Van to San Franz
P127 - Non-A/C Bus to Mangagoy
P92 - Transportation around Mangagoy
P110 - Non-A/C Bus to Hinatuan Roundtrip
P300 - Habal-Habal to Enchanted River and Back to the Terminal
P30 - Entrance Fee to Enchanted River
P350 - Habal-Habal Rental to Tinuy-an Falls Roundtrip
P70 - Entrance Fee to Tinuy-an Falls with Tip
P300 - Van to Davao City                                     
Total: P3,147

*I took the bus to Butuan from Balingoan Terminal. From Butuan terminal, I took the van to San Franz, then another bus to Mangagoy. Alternatively, you can ride a direct non-a/c bus from Butuan to Mangagoy.


I decided to head to all of these provinces in one trip because of their close proximity to each other. You can split these provinces into different trips to suit your schedule and budget. CDO, Camiguin, Bukidnon, and Marawi are close to each other. You can easily get to these provinces if you land in CDO. You can do a CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin trip for a 4 day and 3 nights trip, or interchange the above mentioned provinces with each other. The farthest province from these is Surigao del Sur. I included Surigao del Sur because my flight back to Manila was re-routed to Davao. Since Surigao del Sur was on the way, I decided to include it in my trip. There was so much more to see in each province, I wouldn't mind making a come back if time and budget allows it.


  1. I now have a clearer idea of how much a trip like this would cost.

  2. wow good thing that you wrote down the expenses as it gives the others a clear idea of how much the trip would cost.

  3. It's nice combining these areas. I went to CDO before and too bad, I wasn't able to visit the neighboring areas.

  4. Coming back here when I'm going to plan for the ENchanted River tour. :)

  5. How much is from CDO to Camiguin. Ang galing mong mag-plan ng trip bro. ask ko lang, What will be the total expenses if I go from CDO straight to Camiguin.

  6. Planning ahead is certainly a time saver, no matter which aspect of life. You know, I am from Mindanao, but unfortunately I wasn't able to explore very well the place. How sad! So you're lucky my friend.

  7. I always wonder about that Enchanted River and I thought the photo is just a Hoax, now it is confirmed and I want to visit it already. Thank you for sharing your guides.

  8. Such a nice place to stay for a week. I think, for bonding with my family.

  9. Even If I am here from Mindanao, I even need to know the cost and expenses so that I can budget my money. Thanks so much for sharing your guides.

  10. Mindanao is often overlooked as a place to go to except for Davao and CDO. Glad you wanted to explore the cities in the south. Did you have to book the pension houses in advance online or you can just walk in? And how was the security in Iligan? I always hear it's a fantastic place to go but you can't really explore the place if you don't know anybody.

  11. how much is your budget for your trip? The prices are so cheap yet you've managed to squeeze them all! Thanks for this post, now I know where to go and what to do with the money! :D

  12. I will definitely visit this place soon! Thank you for listing down the expenses! :D

  13. Oh I miss Camiguin. The last time I visited the island was three years ago. :) Wish I could visit it someday and make use of your IT. Thank you!

  14. I have done, CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon-Illigan brefore.
    CDO is really the gateway to northern mindanao.
    Until, now like you I've only scratched the surface of exploring Mindanao as it is.
    I'd like to do more, especially since I intent to climb Mt Apo in a few months time.

  15. It's amazing to know that in less than 15 thousand pesos, you can be visiting these places. :)

  16. Thanks for sharing your expenses and your itinerary. I hope I could visit those places with my family soon

  17. Hi, do you think its manageable to travel with kids to CDO-Camiguin? Just on the tour side... Thanks!

  18. hi po unsa imong ma suggest davao to cdo then camiguin then dahilayan or same lang ud sai mong itinerary ? please rep

  19. camiguin is the wOnderfuLL place :)

  20. This is what I exactly needed to know! I will be going to these places in April for 10 days Thanks so much for the run through at least I will an idea of my expenses. ;)

    Michael Angelo

  21. Hi sir, we'll be doing the same itinerary do you have any contact number for Van?

  22. @anonymoous: sorry I dont have a contact number, but im sure you can find one once you get to CDO, there are plenty of providers there have fun!

  23. Hoping I can visit the Camiguin Island this year and feel the beautiful tropical scenery.

  24. So excited for our Family Reunion in Surigao. I hope I can also try the Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro City. I guess my 1 week leave from work is not enough for these coming adventures.

  25. Yay! This can a great gift for my family! A form of recreational activity, travelling to wonderful places in CDO, Iligan, Bukidnon and Camiguin. :) Thanks for posting this blog! Such a big help on my part as I'm currently setting aside a budget for an exciting trip before December. Hope my plan will be pushed through.

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  27. I'm glad you shared a more detailed itinerary for traveling in Cagayan de oro. I've seen a quite number of bloggers who post itineraries but it's not that detailed and sometimes a bit confusing.