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Beach Bumming in Phuket

By On October 26, 2014
I was too lazy (and too broke) to do much of anything while in one of the most (if not the most) expensive island I've visited during my trip around Southern Thailand. So I decided to do nothing and think about the meaning of life while beach bumming in Phuket.

Aiyanar Resort Staycation in Anilao, Batangas

By On October 21, 2014
After two diving sessions, I felt tired and hungry. Thankfully Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort is not only a great place to get a dive license or do discover scuba diving sessions, but it is also a perfect place to relax and unwind.

What to Do in Ko Samui

By On October 20, 2014
Ko Samui is a small island off the coast of mainland Thailand. This island may be small, but there are plenty of attractions to enjoy once you have made the journey.

First Time Disover Scuba Diving in Aiyanar Dive Resort Anilao

By On October 15, 2014
When I was selected to join other fellow travel bloggers to try out scuba diving, I was elated to try this new experience. I've climbed mountains before, but have yet to experience the wonders that lived under the sea.

Photo c/o Trish Lim (trishintransit.com)
It was an uneventful ride from the throngs of the metro to Anilao, Batangas. The resort is nestled cozily along the beach. We rested and ate breakfast before beginning our crash course for discover scuba diving.

Endless Summer: Ko Samui's Beaches

By On October 12, 2014
The gloomy monsoon season in southern Thailand was not felt in Ko Samui. Thankfully, the months of June and July were sunny on this tropical paradise off the coast of mainland Thailand. Ko Samui has white and golden sand beaches for beach lovers from all over the world.

Exploring 4 Islands in Krabi

By On October 06, 2014
After two nights in Krabi town, I resigned myself to the fact that the weather would be gloomy throughout my stay. Since it was my last full day in Krabi, I decided to go on a trip to the 4 islands near Krabi. Group tours are cheaper for solo travelers like myself.

Itinerary & Expenses for Trip to Ipoh

By On October 04, 2014
I didn't plan on staying for 4 days in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, but I didn't want to move around so much anymore (before my planned month long trip in Thailand) and I needed a base to work, I ended up staying longer than I should.

No Spies on James Bond Island

By On October 01, 2014
I was disappointed that I was unable to visit the famous Maya Bay during my first full day in Krabi. Thankfully, the tour agency gave us all refunds for the cancelled trip. So I decided to take the tour with James Bond Island in it. The island was made famous because it was one of the locations of one of the James Bond movies, I don't know which one, but I'm sure it was released even before I was born.

The weather cooperated this time around as there were sorta clear skies during the trip.



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