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Getting Cultured in Kochi

By On September 27, 2015
I only stayed for a few days in Kerala, specifically Kochi, but that didn't stop me from experiencing some of its culture.

Beach Vibes in Patar, Bolinao

By On September 20, 2015
The most popular destination in this side of Pangasinan is Alaminos, because of Hundred Islands, but Bolinao is also worth a look for beach goers who want a quick, weekend respite from the bustle of Metro Manila

The Garden City of Bangalore

By On September 14, 2015
I've heard from friends that Bangalore isn't much of a city to visit, it is the kind of place you live and work in. Nonetheless, I kept an open mind as I wandered around the city.

My Last Stop In Rajasthan with a Pur In It: Udaipur

By On September 07, 2015
Udaipur was the last place I visited in Rajasthan. Udaipur was just as chill and relaxed as other parts of the region.

Discovering The Blue City of Jodhpur

By On September 01, 2015
Jodhpur is known as the 'Blue City' because of the many blue structures seen from the Mehrangarh Fort. Exploring this beautiful city was well worth the trip.



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