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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Seoul

By On June 22, 2016
Five days is never enough to explore a city, let alone an entire country, but it was the only time I had when I visited Seoul, South Korea. It was a fulfilling experience to explore another Asian country. The city had Seoul (soul, pardon the word play hehe) and had many to offer visitors.

Bohol Chronicles: Discovering Twin Falls

By On June 16, 2016
I thought I've seen all that I have to see in Bohol, but a recent trip allowed me to discover a destination not well-known to tourists outside of the nearby barangays and towns. Twin Falls was a pleasant surprise during our media tour to this wonderful province in Visayas.

Travel Guide to Hulugan and Aliw Falls

By On June 10, 2016
Laguna is a nearby destination where visitors can do plenty of things such as go caving in Cavinti or visit the many resorts to cool down in. Two of the places you can visit are Hulugan and Aliw Falls.

Tokyo Chronicles: Peace and Quiet in the Urban Jungle

By On June 01, 2016
Tokyo is a bustling city; towering skyscrapers line the skies, neon lights lead to restaurants and bars and shopping centers light up the night sky in various districts. However, despite its modern facade, there are plenty of open and green spaces to just relax and slow down.



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