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Enjoying a Safe Night Out When Solo Traveling

Immersing yourself in a location's nightlife is a great way to meet locals and have a little break after a long day of exploring. Just because you're a solo traveler doesn't mean you should shy away from such opportunities! Read below for a few tips to enjoy a safe night on your next solo trip.

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Dress Comfy

Don't feel pressured to dress to the nines. While some places have a strict dress code, casual dress codes should be just fine for most bars. Uniqlo's EZY ankle length pants are the perfect way to look presentable while dressing simply, and they don't take up much space in your luggage. You can definitely pack a nice pair of pants, a spiffy shirt, and even a slick jacket if you pan for nights out. Having at least one evening-approved staple of each clothing item should enable you to mix and match with what you already have!

Stay in Your Area

As a general rule, you'll want to stay as close to your area as possible. Traveling too far could put you at serious risk: public transport might close and you might end up paying exorbitant taxi fees, which are huge problems in themselves. Indeed, hotels and hostels often have their own events on a regular basis that you might want to check out! Be sure to ask for recommendations from your concierge, or spend the day walking around your area and scouting for places you can easily travel to. If you want to check out a bar that's super far from your area, consider going early at night to give yourself ample time to go home!

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Watch Your Alcohol

If you’re planning to drink, remember to set a hard limit for yourself, like two drinks maximum, especially as you will have no one to rely on to get you home. However, if you think you might drink a little too much you can always take some hangover tablets before going out, with lifestyle site Pretty Me recommending WrecOver pills as an extra precaution. These pills work by relying on the amino acid N-Acetyl Cysteine to detoxify your body throughout the night.

This helps you stave off the worst of a hangover and get ready for the next day’s adventures; however, you should still remember to exercise caution and drink responsibly. While there’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two — the rise of cocktail bars all around the world present the perfect opportunity to try new flavors — it’s important to exercise caution.

Sit at the Bar

Thrillist writers recommend sitting at the bar when going for drinks on your own, and with good reason. Sitting at the bar allows you to strike up a conversation with bartenders and staff, which can help you feel less like a fish out of water when you're by yourself at a bar. Furthermore, bartenders are trained to look after customers and make sure no one gets out of hand. You can stay by the bar while waiting for your ride home, or even ask them for recommendations when it comes to getting back safely. Of course, you can just shoot the breeze with them and perhaps make a new friend!

Our previous post on How to Save Money for Travel points to the importance of budgeting as a way to make sure you have enough money for a trip full of experiences. Going out at night is part and parcel of visiting a new destination, and keeping these tips in mind ensures that you're staying safe.

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