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Future Travel Plans (International)

The global pandemic has put leisure travel on hold for many people (including myself). I haven't gone anywhere for more than a year now. I got a new full-time job because freelance work dried up and income became unstable. However, despite all this I still plan to travel in the future. 

Czech Republic The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o d_poltoradnev

Here's a short list of places I want to visit in the future when at least a semblance of normal returns.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o vaklavikm

The Czech Republic is a must-visit for me. I've heard so many good things about this country. Prague is definitely on the list because of its vibe, old architecture and history. Other places I want to visit are Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Telc, Trebic, Kutna Hora and Olomouc just to name a few. Two of my favorite writers also happen to be Czech, Milan Kundera and Bohumil Hrabal. 


Hungary The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o Walkerssk

Hungary is another European country that sits atop my must-visit list in the region. Budapest and other cities such as Esztergom, Sopron, Eger, Gyor and the towns near the Danube. It helps that this is an affordable country to explore for Filipinos like myself :D.


Poland The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o dimitrisvetsikas1969

Poland's medieval architecture, history and UNESCO sites are more than enough for me to include it on my list of future places to visit. The salt mines look awesome, the concentration camps may be harrowing but are a must-visit for those interested in World War II history, the charming old towns and many other things make this country a worthwhile destination.


Austria The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o bogitw

This country is right between two places I want to visit, the Czech Republic and Hungary. However, it's more than just a stopover. The beautiful architecture, history and culture make Austria one of the countries I want to visit in the near future.


Peru The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o mailanmaik

Macchu Picchu is atop my list of places to visit. I kept postponing a trip to Peru in favor of countries nearby. However, I'm not going to delay a visit much longer. Lima, Cusco and the other parks are also places I want to visit.


Mexico The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o Walkerssk

Mexico! This country is a must-visit for me because of its old architecture, history, culture, landscapes and food.  


Israel The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o 696188

Israel caught my attention because of Gal Gadot, kidding aside :P. The country may be small but it has plenty of interesting places to visit such as Jerusalem and many ancient sites related to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. 

These are just a few of the countries I plan to visit in the near future. This list will get longer as restrictions ease and people are allowed to travel across borders again. But for now stay safe, get inocculated and practice health measures to reduce the chances of getting Covid-19.

*DISCLAIMER: photos are not mine, I got them from Pixabay's free photos library.

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