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Coron Tourism Requirements for the New Normal

Many of us are still wary of traveling because of the potential health consequences created by the pandemic. However, after several months, some provinces are ready to open their doors for tourists as long as they submit certain requirements. Coron is one of those places that are ready to accept visitors.

Coron travel requirements

Here are the requirements for a trip to Coron during the new normal.

Coron Travel Requirements

Negative Covid Test

  • Visitors must present a negative RT-PCR test within 48 to 72 hours from a DOH-accredited laboratory before their flight.

Confirmed Accommodation

  • Tourists must show a booking from a DOT-certified accommodation. 

Some accredited hotels to stay in:

Confirmed Tickets

  • Visitors must book round trip tickets. 

Confirmed Itinerary

  • Tourists should also present a confirmed itinerary from an accredited tour operator.

QR Code

Use the Traze App

  • You must download and use this app.

Once in Coron...

  • After arriving at the airport, you wilk undergo a health assessment. If you show any symptoms of Covid, you'll have to take an antigen test. This will cost you P3500. If the result is positive, you'll have to go to a government facility or the isolation room of your accommodation. 
  • Once at your hotel, you'll have to coordinate with the staff and the operator you booked tours with. 

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