Coron Chronicles: Underwater

Coron is astonishing underwater as it is above it. I had the chance to snorkel different coral gardens during my Coron tour around different islands.

The coral gardens I got to visit were: Twin Peaks, CYC Coral Garden, Smith Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck. All of the snorkeling spots I got to visit were great in their own way.

The ocean floor was covered in different colored corals. It was no wonder why the snorkeling spots were called 'coral gardens'. The corals formed bouquets of different colors. I couldn't help but take numerous photos of the corals I saw underwater.

The spectacle underwater in Coron was not limited to corals there were also a lot of colored fishes swimming around.

I got to take a picture of this fish that was swimming by me.

I wasn't able to catch good photos of the other colored fish underwater they were too fast for me. Some of the tourists who were with me said they saw sea turtles and clown fish which, unfortunately, I was unable to see.

Shipwreck Coron

There were also shipwrecks in different parts of Coron, but the wreck site I was able to visit was the Skeleton Wreck. There are other wreck sites but those were a separate tour and would require scuba diving gear to visit.

The site of the shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.

There are other snorkel and dive sites all over Coron these are only some of the few I was able to visit. I would like to visit the other dive and snorkel sites when I visit Coron again. I thought Coron's beauty only lies in its natural physical attractions the island was also beautiful beneath its dark, emerald waters.



  1. I won't dare going into deep water with snorkel. What is fun for me now is backpacking around the mountains and falls within our locality. One of the goals of our outdoor club is to schedule a climb in Mt. Apo someday.

  2. I suddenly miss Coron after seeing your pics and reading this post. I was there last summer. This is by far one of the best snorkeling sites in the Philippines for me. :)

  3. The marine life is really rich in Coron and I also like the place where there is a ruins of a ship.

  4. Lovely! I've to these snorkeling sites before..
    Im a very good swimmer but not a trained diver, its one thing I miss to photograph properly is the Skeleton wreck.
    You can imagine my jealousy upon seeing fellow travelers who can dive all the way to the hull of teh ship and take their pictures in it.

  5. The shipwreck looks creepy but I certainly agree that underwater captures are really stunning!

  6. this post simply reminds us how beautiful our our sea floor is. . .creature living in their, deserves this home. .

  7. This reminds me of the underwater helmet diving in Bora. I want to go there soon. I only went to Puerto. Coron's expensive right?

  8. @Dust: Coron is not expensive at all, you will need to find cheap lodging and food to save money when you go there.

  9. It's amazing how these animals under water can live there and even transfer to farther bodies of water without having to pay for transportation cost. Do they ever get tired? Hmmm.

  10. You are so brave! I'm so scared of water. I feel like I run out of oxygen immediately. Lol Nice experience!

  11. Oh I better recommend this to my boyfriend as he is such a fan of everything aquatic!

  12. Now I am more eager to see Palawan! Can't wait for our trip this May! Seeing this makes me more excited.

  13. Wow, what's your underwater camera? You took better underwater photos than I did! :) Coron is really a perfect place for divers and snorkelers. I hope to learn diving before I return to Coron para ma-appreciate ko talaga ang underwater beauty nya.

  14. Coron is a haven! Hope to visit the place soon!

  15. @Gabz: I used a point and shoot camera but I put it inside a Dicapac case and also set the settings to HD.

  16. Love your photos! That shipwreck is fascinating, but creepy - I tried to swim closer when I went but didn't get too deep because I chickened out! Haha. :)

  17. Never tried underwater diving before but I seen a lot of beautiful creatures out there thorough pictures and videos. Love your photos!

  18. Impressive aquatic sights. I'm going to Palawan this June with friends, and would include the coral gardens you've mentioned on my itinerary. Thanks a lot :)

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