The Last Frontier: El Nido

After seeing what Tour A offered I was eager to see more of what El Nido had to offer. We booked Tour C for P900 since it was also highly recommended by the tour guides and agencies.

The first destination on our tour was Las Cabanas Beach Resort. I was used to seeing the long stretch of sand, clear waters, and coconut trees in El Nido but it was still worth looking at. The resort could be reached by motorbike, tricycle or private car. It wasn't supposed to be a part of the tour but it was still worth seeing.

The Beach

The journey to Hidden Beach took another 50 minutes to an hour but the wait was worth it. The jagged limestone rocks covered a small path that led to a secluded beach. 
Hidden Beach
The boatman managed to maneuver the boat through the narrow pathway. After a few minutes, I was mesmerized by the small secluded beach just behind the limestone formations.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach
I kept hearing a song playing in my head but couldn't quite put my finger on it. There was something about Hidden Beach that seemed ethereal.

Hidden Beach
We had Hidden Beach practically to ourselves since there was only one boat that arrived and only stopped for a short while. Hidden Beach quickly became one of my favorite spots in El Nido. You can camp here and stay the night because it is relatively safe and secluded.

Talisay Beach
Talisay Beach was the next stop on Tour C. The soft sand and clear waters made the long trip worth it.

Makinat Beach
Makinat Beach was identical to Talisay Beach. The large limestone formations created a delicate backdrop for the white sand and clear waters.

Cadlao Lagoon
Cadlao Lagoon was another sight to behold. The green waters and jagged limestone formations created a beautiful contrast. The scars of the limestone and the clear waters enthused the nature lover in me.

Cadlao Lagoon

Cadlao Lagoon

Cadlao Lagoon
It was nice to get to relax after a tiring trip to the different islands and lagoons in Tour C.

Helicopter Island

Helicopter Island
Our last stop took us to Helicopter Island, it was called that way because of the shape it took when seen from a distance. he long stretch of beach was the place where families, friends, and travelers get to relax. Our stay in El Nido came to an abrupt end right after Tour C because we had to catch the van going back to Puerto at 6PM.



  1. Jhianne Jose Berida

    Where is this photo taken?

  2. @Jhianne: El Nido, Palawan :D

  3. Napaka ganda talaga ng El Nido, kaya lang kailangan talagang mag-ipon bago mo sya marating. hehehe. Pero siguradong sulit ang pera mo sa ganda ng lugar. :)

  4. the pictures look really amazing! I am a certified water rat and love the beach and waters ;) someday I will get to visit El Nido :) Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  5. El Nido... Such a marvelous place! This is one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines!

  6. I like to do island hopping in El Nido too. The islands are really beautiful..

  7. Words are really not enough to describe this paradise been there and couldn't get enough of the place. I'll surely return to El Nido.

  8. been there a few years ago, stayed at Miniloc. It was a really great experience but I think if we stayed in EL Nido town, it would have been more adventurous :)

  9. EL NIDO is a paradise... nature at its best... looks captivating and exciting place to visit and explore.

  10. I am in complete awe when I see photos and travel stories from people who've already been to El Nido. I've already been to Palawan. But not in this side yet. Making it a part of my travel plans real soon. :)

  11. Oh that looks lovely! The tour is offered where?

    :) Erika

  12. @Erika: there are plenty of tours all over El Nido that go to the same places :D

  13. Priceless beauty- Magnificent! El Nido is simply paradise - hope to visit this spot soon

  14. Wow I am so amaze of the beauty of El Nido. I will definitely go there after our Boracay Trip.

  15. El Nido is a Paradise! And I am visiting it soon.. can't wait to share my experience :)

  16. Philippines has really a lot of beautiful beaches that I haven't explore. Congrats that you got the chance.

  17. is this tour C??
    I was waiting for the secret beach..
    Its one of the highlights of tour C in El Nido..
    the experience is awesome as you swim or dive through a narrow gap in a rock wall and find yourself in an enclosed beach behind it.
    I missed snorkeling in Hidden beach, really beautiful with lots of anemones and clown fishes.
    Tours A and B are family friendly island destination, while Tours C and D are for the adventurous guest... that's why the boats used on the latter are smaller.

  18. EL NIDO is really a wonder of nature. Great place to visit for locals and tourist. I hope that it won't become too commercialized like the other nature parks around.

  19. ang ganda talaga ng beach sa el nido... this is one of the places in my list... pics pa lang, just breathtaking. Yahweh bless.

  20. I haven't set foot in Palawan yet. And I so want to go!!! :D Nice shots you have!

  21. I still haven't been to El Nido >.< Will definitely make your post a reference when I plan our itinerary. Btw, love all the photos! Ganda! :D

  22. El Nido is really beautiful and I have yet to visit it after being in Puerto princesa and Coron in my previous visit. It should be my next stop when I get back to Palawan.

  23. I have never been to El Nido before, but these pictures are really pristine and breathtaking! I hope they can take good care of it until we can visit soon...

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