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Cambodia Chronicles: The Jungle Ruins of Beng Mealea

By On January 30, 2013
Cambodia has been on my to visit list since I became enthralled with traveling. The picturesque Angkor Wat and its romantic reflection have been on my mind for quite some time now. Last year, I had the chance to book a direct flight to the Kingdom of Wonder through Cebupacific's promo fare.

Angkor Wat

Catarman White Beach

By On January 28, 2013
After visiting Biri Island we went back to Catarman to spend the last few hours before the flight back to Manila. Catarman seems like any other province in the Philippines, laid back, friendly people, and sad to say, a lack of infrastructure. The airport looks awful, it looks like an old parking lot with its cracked walls, broken floors, and poor lighting. But despite ts misgivings, Catarman has a great beach wherein visitors can surf and just enjoy the beach.

I asked the cashier in one of the restaurants I ate in where my friend and I can go to, she said we can go to Fishville or White Beach, we decided to go to White Beach.

White Beach

Biri Island Chronicles: Return to the Rock Formations

By On January 23, 2013
The first day of visiting the rock formations came to an end and our return to the town has come. Biri Island is a small sleepy town of only 7,000 people. The main transportation around the town is by habal-habal (motorcycle).

Biri Island

By On January 22, 2013
Biri Island was never on my list of places to go to, in fact I have never even heard of the place, but when I saw photos of its landscape, rock formations, and lakes --- I was turned into a believer. I impulsively bought tickets to Catarman from Airphilexpress last December, and planned my trip to Biri, Island. Good thing my friend decided to tag along, since traveling solo anywhere can be expensive as I've learned from my previous trips.

I'm not exactly organized when it comes to creating an itinerary, I just take note of places I want to visit and just do whatever once I'm there, the trip to Biri was no exception. I just noted down the rock formations namely: Magasang, Macadlaw, Magsapad, Puhunan, Caranas, and Belat. 

Xiamen City: The Next Underrated Travel Destination

By On January 17, 2013
Here's a guest post by fellow wanderer Kevin Tsai.

There are probably quite a number of people who are already bored of touring Hong Kong, while Beijing and Shanghai will forever be popular cities to visit in China. Prior to my arrival, I never expected to be able to find another place which I’ll always want to return to. With my criteria as a Filipino by citizenship and as a Filipino-Chinese by identity, I thought it would be quite difficult to find a city in the world I could call another home – until Xiamen that is. For one, being able to speak Hokkien proves useful here as well as when interacting with other Chinese found in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and of course, the Philippines.

The Year of the Wander: A Look Back at a Year's Worth of Adventures in 2012

By On January 14, 2013
It took me a while to write this year end review post but here it goes...

2012 was an eventful year for me because of many firsts. I managed to go to 2 different countries (traveled alone), went up 4 mountains, and visited the beautiful provinces in Northern Luzon. Never thought that I would do so much traveling within a year, because I was always just a home body back in college and high school. I got to meet friendly strangers in other countries and here in the Philippines. Got lost in a foreign land, mistaken as a local in a foreign country, got scammed in Thailand, learned about other cultures, and so many other experiences that I can't put into words.

Drum roll please....

Here are 2012's firsts and bests!

Top Things to Do in Sagada

By On January 12, 2013

Sagada is an excellent place to visit not only because of the weather but the many activities and food one can eat. I was only able to do a handful of activities when I visited Sagada so I'll only be able to make a biased list of the things I did and the food I ate.

Top 3 Things to Do 

Sagada is jam packed with things to do the moment I had free time to wander around I saw a list of activities that visitors can do. The list ranged from mountain hiking, trekking to falls, caving, food tripping, river rafting, and just plain old sight seeing. Here's a rundown of the things I did during my Sagada trip:

Sagada Chronicles: Descending the Steps to Heaven

By On January 10, 2013
The day is unwinding and the light of the sun is descending down the glorious rice terraces in Ifugao. Piece by piece the night whittles away the time we have left in Sagada. Our group decided to make a side trip to Banaue to see the Rice Terraces UNESCO Heritage Site.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Sagada Chronicles: Kiltepan Peak and Sagada Weaving

By On January 07, 2013
On our last day in Sagada, we woke up early to view the sunrise from Kiltepan Peak. We woke up at 5am to make the trip to Kiltepan. The group ran into an Aussie couple looking for a ride to view the sunrise as well. Project Dora was nice enough to allow them to hitch a ride. The view from Kiltepan Peak was simply brilliant!

View of rice terraces from Kiltepan Peak

Sagada Chronicles: Pongas Falls and Cave Connection

By On January 03, 2013
After indulging ourselves on scrumptious meals and desserts from Sagada we went on a trek to Pongas Falls to enjoy the wonder of nature. The rolling hills, green blanket of trees, small falls, streams, and rice fields were a feast for the eyes. The trek was a bit tricky because of the narrow pathways we crossed but it was well worth it because of the view.

Sagada Adventures

By On January 01, 2013
I decided to join Project Dora on their trip to Sagada. I've wanted to go to Sagada since the start of 2012 and I finally have my chance. The trip to Sagada was an adventure in itself the zigzagging roads and the cliff hanger moments will fill your thirst for adventure. The ride took us around 13 hours to just get to Sagada. But we decided to stop in Baguio for breakfast and went to Halsema Highway.

Halsema Highway



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