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Summer's Bests 2013

By On May 28, 2013
June is fast approaching and summer is about to end. It was a summer filled with adventure, from the beaches of Palawan to the peaks of Batangas, summer 2013 was unforgettable for me.

Summer's Top Places to Visit

Kayangan Lake (Coron)

Kayangan Lake

Solo Travel Tips for Siem Reap

By On May 24, 2013
It's only been a few months since I've started to wander to different places. I wouldn't call myself a veteran traveler, just a wanderer trying to learn and experience new things. My perspective as a solo traveler is that of a rookie, maybe my perspective will change, maybe it won't after a few more solo trips, but nonetheless traveling solo has given me perspective, and a sense of satisfaction different from traveling with friends and family.

How to Save Money for Travel

By On May 20, 2013
Before, I thought that travel was exclusively for the wealthy but as I surfed the Internet and read travel blogs I began to realize that you can travel on a budget and still see the best places in the country or province you will visit.

I'm no expert in budgeting but here are some of the things I do to save money for travel:

Coron Vs. El Nido

By On May 13, 2013
I had the chance to visit both Coron and El Nido this summer. Now, I'll do the difficult task of comparing Coron and El Nido. The amount of research, time, effort, statistics, food, and energy expended on this post put in by the committee of one has led to the stupendous, marvelous, grandiloquent, <insert more fancy words here> Coron Vs. El Nido face-off.

Conquering Mountains: Mt. Manabu

By On May 08, 2013
My friends and I decided to take on another mountain during the weekend. Hiking has become a hobby of mine because of the excitement one feels after reaching the summit. We decided to take on Mt. Manabu in Batangas.

Mt. Manabu

2013 Malia Clubbing Holidays: Suitcase Essentials

By On May 06, 2013
Guest Post by Catherine M.

2013 Malia clubbing holidays are well and truly on the cards. You’ve got it booked and your holiday balance is going down faster than Kanye’s gold diggin’ girl. I guess the only real question is what to pack for Malia madness 2013.

First and foremost, get your documents sorted. It can seem like a complete borefest, but it is completely essential if you want to make sure you get through airport security and onto that flight with no problems.

In your hand luggage you want to pack items such as any boarding pass and tickets, information about your holiday, and your passport. Keep your currency on you at all times too, just in case you have any problems with your baggage. There’s nothing worse than being stranded without a penny to your name. You’ll also need copies of your travel insurance info, as well as an EHIC card.

Itinerary & Expenses in Davao

By On May 01, 2013
My stay in Davao del Norte and del Sur was fun. The contrast of city life and rural seclusion gave Davao a unique personality. Davao has a lot to offer from beaches, extreme adventures, city life, and secluded beaches there is a lot in store for all kinds of vacationers and adventure seekers alike.

Here's a breakdown of my expenses during my 4-day stay in Davao del Norte and del Sur:



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