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High Above the City State: Experiencing the Singapore Flyer

By On August 31, 2015
Singapore is known for their innovations and how they manage to do so much with so few resources. The Singapore Flyer is a testament to the country's innovation.

Jaisalmer Chronicles: Desert Safari & Camels!

By On August 23, 2015
After exploring the city, I was aching to try something new --- a desert safari! I have heard good things about the desert safari from friends and fellow travelers who have done it.

Of Havelis & Maharajas: Jaisalmer's Heyday

By On August 16, 2015
Jaisalmer is a fascinating city that has a rich past and beautiful architecture. The havelis of the rich and powerful of Jaisalmer still stand today.

Because it was cold and my pants needed to be washed.

Jaisalmer Fort: Rising Above the Desert

By On August 12, 2015
Jaisalmer is by far my favorite city in India. It's laid back ambiance, unique landscapes, and friendly people made me want to stay longer, but alas I couldn't stretch my stay longer because we had train tickets out of the city booked. But during my trip in Jaisalmer, I managed to explore one of the many majestic forts in the region.

Jaisalmer: The City that Glitters Like Gold

By On August 09, 2015
Jaisalmer is a laid back town with unique, golden structures that make it my favorite place in Rajasthan. The streets are lined with golden structures that vary in shades as the sun hits its peak till it sets. The historical streets and fort are brimming with life that must have been around for decades. All these make Jaisalmer a fun town to walk around and get lost in.

Exploring Jaipur: The City Palace & Jantar Mantar

By On August 04, 2015
Jaipur has a lot to offer the intrepid tourist or traveler or nomad or any name you want to call yourself. The city is vibrant with culture and history that dates back hundreds of years ago. I got to visit the City Palace and Jantar Mantar during my stay in Jaipur.

St. Nicholas: Filipino Food with a Twist

By On August 02, 2015
I was invited to a food tasting event in St. Nicholas restaurant in Mandaluyong. It was the first time I participated in this kind of event, so I was game to bring out the food connoisseur in me.

Amber Fort: A Journey Back to Ancient Jaipur

By On August 01, 2015
India's forts were only warming up during my visit to Agra and Delhi, there were several others all over Rajasthan waiting to be explored. I've set my eyes on Amber Fort as soon as I arrived in Jaipur.



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