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Marinduque Chronicles: Of Old Houses & Churches

By On December 28, 2015
Marinduque has a rich cultural and historical heritage showcased by the many old houses and churches on the island.

Explore Quezon: Of Old Houses & Churches in Tayabas & Lucban

By On December 21, 2015
Quezon is rich in culture and history that date back to Spanish times. There are a number of beautiful decades or even centuries old houses and churches in Lucban and Tayabas.

Lakbay Norte: Sand Dune Surfing

By On December 14, 2015
One of the highlights of my trip to Ilocos was sand dune surfing. I have never done it before so I was excited to try this unique activity during my trip to the north with Barefoot Travels.

Lakbay Norte: Beach Bumming in Ilocos

By On December 09, 2015
Ilocos is a very popular tourist destination as it has many of the things that will cater to any kind of tourist such as beaches, culture, food and history. It comes as no surprise as to why many Filipinos head to this region during long weekends and holidays.

Itinerary & Expenses for Bolinao, Pangasinan Trip

By On December 07, 2015
Bolinao is a good destination for adventure seekers looking for a quick weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

Adventure Samar Out There: Sohoton National Park

By On December 03, 2015
Samar is not really atop lists of places to visit whenever a local or foreigner goes on vacation in different provinces in the Philippines, but for those who make the journey, it is a rewarding experience.

Nature at its Finest: Kalanggaman Island

By On December 01, 2015
Who would've thought that a small town would have a beautiful destination just beyond its shores. Palompon may not ring a bell to many foreign and domestic tourists, but the mention of Kalanggaman Island will elicit dreamy looks and thoughts of an island paradise.



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